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Vacuum Pumps (new part)

Circuit Lubricated - Diaphragm

Diaphragm pumps with linear driving mechanism -ML

No high stress on the diaphragms. The diaphragms are positioned directly over the motor shaft. Thus Hyco ML-pumps are more compact in comparison to plunger pumps with comparable output.

With the linear driving mechanism it is possible to install 2 or 4 working cylinders which are positioned directly opposite each other on a cube-shaped flange housing. Each cylinder operates independently. Depending on the intended field of operation whether it shall be for the generation of vacuum or of compression the cylinders have to be positioned parallel or in a row (two- or three-tiered). 

A final vacuum of 2 mbar and compression pressures of over 10 bar can be achieved.The linear driving mechanism is positioned on both sides in a cube-shaped flange housing. There is a toothed ring plug-in coupling on the motor shaft.

The linear driving mechanism achieves more than 20.000 hours of operation without maintenance depending on the medium to be pumped!

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ES RTP752 - VACUUM PUMP 4 pole plug version ES RTP752 - VACUUM PUMP 4 pole plug version
Product Code: PID-2020
Reference ID No. 1363752 1363753
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ES RTP203 - VACUUM PUMP hardwire version ES RTP203 - VACUUM PUMP hardwire version
Product Code: PID-2021
Reference ID No. 0149023 0352561 0941996 0946052
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